Telescope to see leaves

Installation in Lausanne This huge tube that looks like a medieval bull horn is one of the installation from the Lausanne Jardins project (Lausanne garden), which is a series of devices located here and there in the city that aims at renewing the relationship to nature.

The piece above is called "Dentelles" ('lace' in english) and it has been designed by Aline Juon, Florine Wescher. It's made of 3 telescopes that target a nearby forest (yes, in Lausanne) which used to be much closer to the city in the past. These devices have been created as a invitation for passers-by to observe the detailed elements of trees, and eventually notice this fragile urbanization boundary as a "lace".

Why do I blog this? the gigantic size of the devices struck me as fascinating when I came past. Observing the trees through the lense is intriguing as it leads to a very detailed representation of leaves, as if you were close to nature (like it used to be in the past in this neighborhood). Unlike lots of devices which are meant to make visible phenomena that are invisible, this piece aims at bringing things closer, which is also an interesting goal.

It looks like a sort of macroscope (big size of the device) but it's closer to a microscope.