failure is cool According to the thesaurus I use:


Definition: lack of success

Synonyms: abortion, bankruptcy, bomb, botch, breakdown, bungle, bust, checkmate, collapse, decay, decline, defeat, deficiency, deficit, deterioration, downfall, failing, false step, faux pas, fiasco, flash in the pan, flop, frustration, implosion, inadequacy, lead balloon, lemon, loser, loss, mess, misadventure, miscarriage, misstep, nonperformance, nonsuccess, overthrow, rout, rupture, sinking ship, stalemate, stoppage, total loss, turkey, washout, wreck

Antonyms: accomplishment, achievement, attainment, earnings, gain, merit, success, win"

Why do I blog this? writing a paper about design research and failures, looking for inspiring material and vocabulary.