Lift Asia 2009

Phone booth in Jeju Back to Jeju for the Lift Asia 2009 conference. We're in the final rush given that the conference starts tomorrow. We have a fantastic set of speakers from lots of different place, more than 400 participants and we recently added a surprise to the program:

"20 years of Korean internet: the pioneers who built the Korean internet will share their story, reflecting on a soon-to-be 20 years old industry, offering insights on the future of a media that went from being an early adopter tool to become a society changing technology used by 40 million people in Korea.


  • Jin Ho Hur, CEO of Neowiz, operators of Korea's second largest social network,
  • Jaewoong Lee, Founder of Daum,
  • Soon Hyun Hwang, Vice President, NC Soft
  • Dong Hyung Lee, cofounder of Cyworld and Runpipe"