Teaching in Geneva

This fall, I will be teaching at the Geneva University of Art and Design in the Media Design Masters program. Hence, a "teaching" category on this blog. Today was the introductory course about methodology, which I chose to illustrate through the example of game design and user research (slides are here but it's a french-only version, sorry I'll do the others in English though). Urban scouting

My 8*4-hours course will be about field research for interaction designers. After an introductory course about the field research rationale (research questions, theoretical frameworks, sampling issues, etc.) each course will cover a different technique (participant observation, visual ethnography, interview, probes, "user of the future", evaluation). For each session, students would have to apply a certain technique to a design problem of theirs, related to the design studio by Etienne and Douglas-Edric.

Currently pondering about which platform to support the course (weblog, CMS, etc.). Any recommendations about it? I personally want to find a basic solution to spread slides/articles and something which enable conversations with students. The current solution I have in mind may be a wordpress blog but I am wondering about other approaches.