Upcoming speeches and workshops

Yo Some events where I'll be speaking at or be involved in as an organizer. Perhaps an opportunity to meet up some readers, I generally do not publicize this but some of you asked me to keep them posted.

Next wednesday (October 21st), I'll be the keynote speaker at the Swiss E-Tourism Forum in Sierre (Switzerland). My talk will be entitled "the near future of tourism services based on digital traces" (yes, I've been asked to give the talk in English, this is Switzerland) and this is the outline:

"Digital objects used by tourists such as mobile phones and cameras leaves a large amount of traces. The phone can indeed be geolocated through cell-phone antennas or GPS and digital cameras take pictures that people can upload on web sharing platforms such as Flickr. All of this enables new application that allow counting tourists or providing them with new sorts of services. Based on existing experiments, the presentation will describe how the tourism industry can benefit from these digital traces to obtain new representations of tourists activities and to build up new services based on them."

Then I'll go to Barcelona and join Fabien for the Lift @ Citilab workshop called "Hands on Barcelona's Informational Membrane" where a great bunch of people will tackle the increasing presence of the informational membrane hovering over Barcelona, exploring the implications (trade-offs, opportunities and concerns) and understanding how it affects the way citizens feel and live their city.

Three weeks ahead, on November 9th, I will organize a lift @ lift offices seminar (quite a name uh) at our offices about the "new digital landscape". We still have room for people and the event will be in french.

On November 26-27th, I’ll be in Paris (along with Julian, Adam, Jean-Louis, Frédéric and Daniel) for the the new industrial world forum 2009 at the Pompidou museum. I've been parachuted in a session about "new industrial objects", which sounds pretty good. The point of my speech would be to analyze a bunch of networked objects and highlight what how the Internet of Things features certain preconceptions about users. It's a research project I've been working over the summer.

Back to Paris on December 2nd for a workshop at Bell-Labs/Alcatel-Lucent.

December 4th will be devoted to the big workshop day we (lift) co-organize with Council (Rob van Kranenburg) and tinker.it. I'll be posting more information about this later on.

Paris again in January 2010 for a lecture about locative media at the EHESS for a seminar about transdiciplinarity organized by Antonio Casilli.

And finally (phew), I'll be at Interaction10 in Savannah to give a talk called "From Observing Failures to Provoking Them".