Lamp evolution

Evolution of the electronic tube from 1924 to 1952 quoted by Gilbert Simondon’s Genetic “Mecanology” and the understanding of laws of technical evolution by Vincent Bontems and found in "On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects" by Gilbert Simondon. As the author mentions:

"The ebonite base became smaller and smaller until it eventually vanished; the functional parts grew larger and larger and, at the end, fill the total volume of the glass light bulb. Functional convergences also imply the differentiation of functions. Specialization is accomplished synergy by synergy."

Why do I blog this? interesting example that I keep up my sleeve about an interesting claim of Simondon: the immanent order of concretization (i.e. the complex processes through which technology as sets of relations form and are vitalized) is the same as that of the historically observed order.