Lift lab research agency

It seems that these times are quite active with different announcements. As usual, some projects stay below the radar for a while and pop up here and there. Of course, some are bigger than others. Aside from the Lift conference, Laurent Haug, Fabien Girardin and myself created Lift lab, an independent research agency that helps companies and institutions understand, foresee and prepare for changes triggered by technological and social evolutions. We now have what people use to call a "home page". The services we propose range from exploratory field studies to foresight research, applications prototyping and event-building. We are active in domains such as Web/internet services, video games, mobile and location-based services, urban informatics and robotics/networked objects.

For the record, our logo is made by our friend from our friends from Bread and Butter (with the great Akkurat typeface) and the web design by Maja Denzer.