A definition of transduction

An interesting quote that will certainly frame our current work on the gamepad project:

"the term [transduction] denotes a process – be it physical, biological, mental or social – in which an activity gradually sets itself in motion, propagating within a given area, by basing this propagation on a structuration carried out in different zones of the domain: each region of the constituted structure serves as a constituting principle for the following one, so much so that a modification progressively extends itself at the same time as this structuring operation. (...) The transductive operation is an individuation in progress; it can physically occur most simply in the form of progressive iteration"

From: Simondon, G. (1964/1992) ‘The genesis of the individual’, in J. Crary and S. Kwinter (eds.) Incorporations. New York: Zone Books.

Why do I blog this? This quote struck me as highly useful to frame the evolution of joypads in the game controller project. Will certainly include it in the theoretical framing of the study as it enable to describe how different objets evolves through iterations with "constituting principles".