Augmented Reality B&W footsteps

How Augmented Reality was portrayed back in the days. The evolution with B&W graphic landmarks:

Circa 1992 (Source: T. P. Caudell, and D. W. Mizell, “Augmented Reality: An Application of Heads-Up Display Technology to Manual Manufacturing Processes”, Proceedings of 1992 IEEE Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, 1992, pp 659-669)

Milgram's continuum (Source: P. Milgram and F. Kishino, "Taxonomy of Mixed Reality Visual Displays", IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 1994, pp. 1321-1329.)

2D matrix code (Source: Rekimoto, J. (1996). Augmented Reality Using the 2D Matrix Code. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software (WISS'96).)

More material (in color too!) at this insightful URL

Why do I blog this? Collecting material for an upcoming presentation. It's interesting to get back to these early representations that I studies during my MSc in HCI... and compare them to current instantiations.