Human-cell-phone proximity on the beach

Seen in Marseille, France last week-end. An interesting occurrence of very close proximity between a human being and his cell-phone. Various remarks here:

  • The user seems to have a certain level of trust in leaving his phone like this, while being asleep. Thieves can take it readily (I've often seen people's phone being stolen like this in café).
  • The contact of the phone on the human skin is definitely useful to know is someone calls you or if you received a message (through vibrations). It's also possible to have a quick glance to the screen, in case it's needed. The effort to interact with the phone is then quite low.
  • Some people fear being so close to their phone because of waves/electrosmog, this guy doesn't seem to mind about it.

Why do I blog this? documenting practices from the 21st century, surely some material to be reused later on in courses/articles/speeches.