Accidents, mistakes, failures and malfunctions, a talk at Share Festival (Torino)

Last Wednesday I went to Torino. I was part of a "Warm-up event" for the Share Festival, which focuses this year on a topic called "Smart Mistakes". The talk was called "Accidents and failures as creative material for the near future" and slides can be found on Slideshare. It was actually an updated version of an earlier talk I've given at Interaction 2010.

[slideshare id=5531113&doc=share-torino2010-101022102413-phpapp02]

The talk starts with a presentation of how accidents are cool and funny (on the Internets)... which lead me to a sort of typology of failures and a discussion about how problems, accidents and malfunctions are actually important for design. I then move to how failures, problems and limits of technologies can be employed as a design tactic.

Thanks Simona for the invitation!