"Creative computing" magazine

Recently ran across this curious magazine called "Creative Computing", one of the earliest covering the microcomputer revolution (published from 1974 until December 1985). Readers interested in this can have a look at the some articles.

With titles such as "Is breaking into a time-sharing system a crime?", "Why Supermarkets Are Going Bananas Over Computers", "Videodiscs - The Ultimate Computer Input Device?" or "How Much Privacy Should You Have?", the magazine is definitely an intriguing read today. The topic addressed there ranged from artificial (and "extra-terrestrial") intelligence, computers in education, languages and programming theories, BASIC scripts, upcoming technologies, games and fictions (with "art and poetry").

For people interested in current "trends" such as DIY or privacy, there is plenty to explore in order to understand some underlying roots. See for instance "amateur computing" or How One Computer Manufacturer Looks at the Data Privacy/Security Issue

Why do I blog this? sunday afternoon hops on the internets always lead to curious material. Possibly useful to show students some examples of computer culture history.