Few days in Spain + Augmented Reality and best wishes for 2011

Currently in Spain, spending few days of vacations till next week-end. A good opportunity to work on a book project (in French, about recurring failures of technologies), read books, take some pictures and test applications such as World lense.

In general, I am quite critical with Augmented Reality but in this case, I find the idea quite intriguing. This app is meant to "translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera in real time". Of course, the system does not work all the time and you often get weird translations and tech glitches (especially when pointing at a large quantity of text on a newspaper)... but the use case itself is quite interesting and I am curious to see how such a concept can evolve over time. It's basically relevant to see how an old technology such as OCR has been combined with the ever-increasing quality of cell-phone lenses. Lots of problems to be solved but interesting challenges ahead.

Best wishes for 2011!