"Eye am You"

"Eye am You" (IAMAS Gangu Project, 2009) by Jarashi Suki:

"You am Eye is a toy that reflects the glasses which are in front of their eyes. Captured from the video camera mounted on the front, and locate the face by face recognition system that has the eyes of his face reflecting the display. This bespectacled users can get near the opponent's territory, surprising the people around you can laugh again. The people around you understand how, in the glasses before bringing your own illustrations and cartoon characters, you can enjoy as you like to change the user's eye glasses Masu. People who meet a variety of self-aware that projected itself among the person, is said to grow. Actions are usually performed unconsciously people do, indeed, "visible" are embodied in symbolic form."

Why do I blog this? an interesting project that can be relevant for one my student. A curious communication-disruption.