Tweetbook: express auto-biography print-on-demand

Laurent Bolli gave me my "tweetbook" copy. It's basically a book with the content I've put on Twitter for few months. Tweetbook is a print-on-demand platform made by bookap that allows to archive your Twitter feed into a beautifully printed and bound book. The project was presented at a nice exhibit called "Objet(s) numériques" at Le Lieu du Design in Paris.

As described on bookapp's webite:

"The booklet gather biographic material and give a documentary dimension to the flow of micro-messages. In order to create one's tweetbook, the author enter his or her Twitter ID on an vending machine and the book is automatically produce. The corresponding opus can also be sent by email (PDF) or printed on demand, as a sort of "express autobiography""

Why do I blog this? An interesting experiment to turn digital material into a physical instantiation. Interestingly, there's more than the tweets: tag and people indexes, basic stats and visualizations also reveal some information about your content production: