What are 5 things all designers should know (by Leila Takayama)

Interesting perspective by Leila Takayama on Kicker studio's weblog:

"What are 5 things all designers should know?

1. People respond to many interactive technologies in ways that they respond to people, even when they won’t admit it or can’t recognize it. (See: The Media Equation) 2. There is often a gap between how people reflectively talk about an interactive product and what they actually do in the moment of interacting with that product. Know which of those matters to you. 3. What is perceived can be more important what is objectively true when it comes to how people embrace and engage with interactive objects. 4. It really does not take much for an interactive product to seem like it has its own agency and apparent intentions. (See: Heider & Simmel demonstrations) 5. Under promise and over deliver on user expectations."

Why do I blog this? Simply because it's an informal summary of various points that echo with my perspective.