"Practicing Theory or: Did Practice Kill Theory?" symposium

An interesting follow-up to the Swiss Design Network Julian an I attended last year is organized in Geneva on November 25 at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). It's called "Practicing Theory or: Did Practice Kill Theory?":

"The Swiss Design Network 2011 Symposium Practicing Theory aims at understanding what are the real theoretical contexts of designers practicing design research, how these theoretical backgrounds are formed, explored and broaden, and what use is made of them in the everyday practice of a research project in design. Not only will we seek to understand where from designers think, but also in what directions their research could possibly push the activity of thinking. At the end of each Paper presentation session, a round table will mix design researchers and theoreticians from various related disciplines, in order to discuss more deeply the interconnections of design research and theory."

Why do I blog this? The presentations will address the relationship between theory and practice in design research. Writing research projects related to this topic, I'm curious to see what can come up out of this.