A week in Paris

This week, I'm in Paris for few things:

  • A workshop at ENSCI-Les Ateliers with Raphael Grignani (Method). It's a week-long training in field research for design. We basically engage students in a short-but-intense observation session followed by analysis and prototyping steps. This time, the brief is the following: Bike share programs like Velib are becoming more and more popular around the world which leads novice cyclists and tourists to take the road... more often than not carelessly. In this engagement, you will observe and document how various demographics use Velibs in Paris - you are free to set the parameters of your observations. From these observations and insights, you will design a product or service that improves the overall Velib experience (safety, navigation, attachments, availability, etc.). The solution should somehow be based on disruptive practices, found problems or curious behavior. You have 5 days.
  • A panel at IxDA Paris with Raphael and Moka Pantages Wednesday evening at Le Lieu du Design
  • A short speech at ENSCI this Thursday at 1pm in the cafeteria (brownbag seminar!) about "unmet needs as an innovation Holy Grail"