Video Games Study about Space

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE If we consider the actions performed in a first person shooter as a Joint Activity in the sense given by Herbert Clark, we could analyse speech acts that occurs during the game in order to better understand how gamers carry out spatial coordination, which "coordination keys" they use and so forth.

I could use the spaceminers audio logfile in order to study speech acts that occur in a computer game (though spaceminers is not a FPS...)

HOWEVER, I should first analsyse and discriminate the actions carried ou in FPS with respect to Herbert Clark's classification (autonomous action, participatory action and joint activity). I hence need to list FPS interactions.

Research 1 : list of FPS interactions concerning spatial coordination, classified with Clark's terminology. Methodology : observation and participant observation + player's interview. Research 2: how spatiality in video-games supports social interactions ?