kids and old-school games

Via electronic gaming monthly :"Would today's tykes tolerate the classic games you grew up with? " They proposed kids to play Pong, Atari, Mattel handheld football, and Donkey Kong. The authors of the article stored the dialogues and give us trasnscripts in EGM !

Selected quotes : "Hey—Pong. My parents played this game." "We're not going to play any mature games, are we?" "Didn't they bury this game in Mexico or something?" "I'm sure everyone who made this game is dead by now." (about Space Invaders) "This game needs a super bomb or something." (about Space Invaders) "This is nothing compared to Grand Theft Auto III, because you can't steal a taxi cab, pick up somebody, then drive into the ocean with him." (about Space Invaders) "And you can't pick up an AK-47 and go kill—hey, those aliens on the top row" (about Space Invaders)

Selected dialogues : EGM: Guess how much this thing cost when it came out. Kirk: Twenty bucks? EGM: Higher. Brian: $50? EGM: Higher. Brian: $100? EGM: Yep. Kirk: My God—I could almost buy a PS2 for that. I'm sure when this came out, it was better than whatever else was out. Want to play chess with me, son? No way, Dad. ... EGM: Who's that chick Mario is rescuing up there? Brian: It's Princess Peach. Kirk: It's a hooker. Niko: She looks cut in half. Tim: Oh wow—she's one of those pole dancers. ... EGM: What do you think of those graphics? Niko: In those days it was like, "Whoa—awesome!" But now…it's no Splinter Cell. EGM: In those days? What days are those? Becky: My mom and dad's days. ...