tejp !

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE This tejp (swedish word for 'tape') project explores various possibilities for overlaying personal traces and information on public spaces through different mediums and behavior patterns. It is our hope that Tejp will transform spectators into players and encourage playful ways to personalize territory in the public realm. We also hope to connect local communities by providing a space and sounding board for existing social relationships.

2 prototypes : - audio tags : left at hidden places in public spaces. Personal messages that have been previously recorded are whispered to by-passers as they lean towards it. Someone who wants to share personal messages anonymously (or not) records it into the small box by talking, singing, playing music etc.. to it while holding a button. He/she sticks it on a wall somewhere. One should stand at a distance of about 20 centimeters from the microphone when recording, in order to avoid distortion. Passers-by notice/recognise the sticker because of its particular yet discrete design, leans/reaches towards it and hears the content of the tag. Others happen to pass by the device without seeing it, and hear its content by accident. Playback of audio file is triggered by a proximity sensor (used as a switch) when someone is closer than 25 cm to the device. - glitch : An array of speakers are hidden in public places. The speakers loudly broadcasts interference glitches caused when passersby receive incoming messages and phone calls. The prototype draws attention to the amount of personal communication taking place in a given space and will be used to analyze behaviors in response to its presence in the public realm. When passing by the project site, people receiving sms or incoming calls involuntarily cause loud transient glitch noises to be heard along their path. The nature and origin of the noises are familiar and easily identifiable but the speakers are hidden. Because of the linear disposition of the speaker array along a usual pedestrian path, the glitches stalk the person during the whole phase of mobile communication initiation.