(Blogosphere) Polemique in the french blogosphere

There seem to be a growing polemique in the french blogosphere. Quite amusing in fact. A researcher (hypermedia stuff) published a paper about bloggers insisting on their ego-trip (here, in french). Few french bloggers (like bingirl) commented on it (laughing at this researcher). Some others also set up a website to make fun of it. I do share the feeling that this person does not really understand what a blog but I have mixed feelings concerning all this polemique. There is a growing gap between two different kind of bloggers in france (I think it's the same elsewhere): those who describe their life (with humor or without) and the ones who deals with specific issue (tech, politics... a specific topic). The latter are called "blogs chiant" (boring blogs) by the former. I may be part of the blogs chiants and I don't care at all.