[MyResearch] phd thesis phasing

1. CatchBob! Briefing: players explains their strategies (5minutes) Video GAME lots of data, MM indexes ? Coffee break Self-confrontation to the replay Video, Open > Semi-structuredto see if interesting task and replay/methods are OK

2. CatchBob ! 2: experiments, with a new task 3. CatchBob ! 3 ? 4. Formal Model a. predictive model (simulation) : symbolic (hard) or a virtual agent (no real cognitive validity but plausible behavior) b. descriptive model (ontology) c. analysis model : detection of critical elements (for instance : A was not aware of B’s position, then an agent should inform A about B’s position). 5. Apply this model in another context : to D.Lanier’s work or a VRML world that replicates the EPFL campus