[The World] TV and on-screen logos

Some people hates on-screen logos. They are not alone as stated by the BBC annual report:

Nick Higham: there is something that annoys a lot of people about the new digital channels and that is that they always have this little logo in the corner, telling you what you are watching and sometimes getting in the way of the pictures. There is indeed a campaign for logo-free television and I suspect they've been sending us quite a lot e-mails about today because we've had several. (...) When is the BBC going to bow to public opinion and remove those permanent on-screen logos?

Gavyn Davies (BBC Chairman): Well this is one of those things that really does split viewers. Some viewers are very agitated about this and believe the logos spoil their enjoyment of the programmes. And often they say the programmes are wonderful but why have a logo. Other viewers - and to be honest I think this is the overwhelming majority - say that in a 200 channel universe, it's very, very helpful to have a logo that tells you what you're watching. Increasingly - and I regret this even when I do it myself - people are watching television by flicking the remote control through hundreds of channels and in that kind of world, at least until people familiarise themselves with what's on where and where to find things on the satellite guide etc. - on balance, we think it's a good thing to put the logo on the screen. Although I agree there are quite a lot of people who really don't like that.