[Research] Paper accepted: rss4you for FOAF

The paper I wrote with Roberto for the FOAF Workshop has been accepted: rss4you: Web-Based Syndication Enhanced with Social Navigation

Abstract: this paper describes rss4you a web-based news aggregator that provides users with a social navigation feature. It aims at augmenting current syndication by using an alternative information navigation model: relying on others' activities. The cornerstone of rss4you consists of a voting system that allow you to rate the RSS feeds you syndicate. All users hence have a list of their favorite RSS feeds he/she can share with others (in an OPML format). Based on this favorite list, the system retrieves users with close interests (based on the similarity of their feeds weighted with the ratings) and hence recommends you RSS feeds syndicated by users with close interests. A list of the most popular RSS feeds is also provided. The system, though in beta version is used to test various concepts of social navigation.