[Research] Workshop on Video Games and Social Interaction

The workshop on video games and social interaction in Leeds seems pretty interesting. The position papers are available here. I am eager to meet these people.

- Liselott Brunnberg & Oskar Juhlin, Mobility Studio, The Interactive Institute, The Road Rager – Making use of traffic encounters to enhance a mobile gaming experience - Matthew Chalmers and Paul Tennent, University of Glasgow, Recording and Reusing Mobile Game Play - Mary Flanagan and Daniel C. Howe, hunter college/ central saint martins and new york university, :: designing.other :: - Nony Kamm, City University, Socially inclusive online gaming environments - Nicolas Nova and Fabien Girardin, CRAFT/EPFL, Analysis of a Location-Based Multi-Player Game Position paper - Darren J. Reed, Department of Computer Science, University of York, The Flow-test: a method for understanding the good conversation - Richard Sandford and Ben Williamson, NESTA, Racing Academy - Eben Upton, Intel Research Cambridge, Realtime Multiplayer Games over Mobile Networks - Greg Wadley, Martin Gibbs, Connor Graham, Kevin Hew, University of Melbourne and Iron Monkey Studios, Virtual game spaces as 'third places': a metaphor for understanding and designing for the voice channel