[Locative Media] Chris' location tool

Chris now displays his current location (+ location history) on hiy blog thanks to a nice hack involving horrible acronyms involving the letter 'g' like GPS or GSM . mmmh I 'm joking, it's actually very smart and simple:

The setup is this - Pretec BluetoothGPS (that also has a nifty data logger, which isn't used here), GSM Tracker, a Nokia 6600, and a custom written server program on my webserver

He's also displaying his data with RDF and RSS which is interesting (for people who want do do computation or other strange manipulation with them). Moreover, what is perhaps more interesting, is his conclusion:

A bigger question is why publish this information in public. I must admit I'm not overly happy with giving everyone access to this data, but then again, this kind of service is the near-future that designers like myself have been preaching for years. It will cause privacy problems, it will cause social embarassment, it may change the way I live. Unless I try it myself, I will never know what unexpected consequences publishing this information will have.

That is indeed true even though I would have the same privacy concerns. The point is for whom this kind of person is this meaningfull. I actually do not know Chris so it's not very relevant for me apart that I can discover what he's doing. However, for anne, it's different since they are familiar:

What I find curious is how knowing this immediately makes me think of Chris shielding me from the London rain this past spring, and I smile. It's such a lovely way to draw out a series of movements and memories in space and time.

That leads me to my own research: what are the inference people make about other's location. Here we have a concrete example which is more related to affective (friends' memories) than problem-solving tasks (for people who don't understand why I talk about. problem solving, I will just say that my phd deal with the effects of location awareness in collaborative problem solving).