[Research] Thursday Workshop

Here is the outline of our workshop about Spatial Awareness in Collaboration and Group Interaction:

1. Introduction to the topic of “Spatial/Context Awareness and Collaboration” by Mike Sharples 20minutes 2. Paper presentation (7 papers, 5minutes for each) 45 minutes 3. Activity: “context awareness for collaboration: prototype your research ideas” 90minutes
  • presentation of the activity: 4 groups of 5-6 persons (each group should have a leader: one of the papers’ author) have to design the spatial awareness tool of their dream. This device should support collaborative work/learning. A scenario template (description hereafter) and an example will be provided to help the participants.
  • group work: each group has to brainstorm about which idea to realize and the reasons why, following the hereafter template. After 20minutes we will check if there is no overlap between the projects. If there are, we will advise groups to choose another direction or to emphasise a different aspects.
  • physical design of the idea: the group is required to represent their concepts using low tech prototyping techniques and to prepare the presentation.

4. Knowledge sharing: each group present their own project and a knowledge map is built on the wall linking all the key ideas and the connections with other projects/ideas out there 40minutes 5. Discussion, wrapping-ups, exchanging contacts, setting up a possible follow up 30-45minutes