[Research] Context/Location in Ubicomp according to Paul Dourish

Quotes taken from notes about Paul Dourish's lecture (10/25/2004):

Dourish also discussed his work on context, which largely involve pointing out that context is a lot more complicated than “context-aware” application designers seem to think. Definitions of context vary, but they always include location (but how do people describe their location to others?). However, UCLA’s Manny Schegloff notes that everyday definitions of location vary greatly. Depending on who you’re talking to and why they’re asking, there may be many correct answers answers to the question “where are you?”: “In Irvine”, “In my office”, “On my way”, “On page 20.” You choose your answer based on many factors, and others choose how to interpret your answer based on their own context. Context, far from being a static thing, is dynamic and maintained or changed through our actions.

This reminds me that I absolutely need to find this reference: Schlegoff, E. (1972) Notes on a conversational practice: Formulating place. In D. Sudnow (Ed.) Studies in Social Interaction (pp. 75-119). New York: Free Press./