[Research] Paper ideas for CSCL

I had a short discussion with Pierre about our short paper for CSCL 2005. Since we don't have so much data to propose, we will rather present some concepts and ideas that ground our projects at the lab. Here is the outline:

  1. Introduction: specifying that we are not interested in addressing learning situationsper se but rather by analyzing cognitive processes that occur during collaboration. Our focus is indeed directed towards dynamic and collaborative problem solving. Our interest specifically lies in space: how space/spatial awareness affords collaboration.
  2. Previous studies: in virtual space, we saw that space affords various collaborative processes (narrowing the conversational context, dividing labor, spatial coordination, mutual modeling, improving performance). We found that in collaborative situations people do pay attention to their peers' location.
  3. Roadmap: a nice and smart figure that summarizes both results, lacks and potential issues to investigates.
  4. Our ongoing studies. Back from virtual to real, we know we deal with mobile computing (in which there is an overlap between virtual information on the device and the activity which occur in a more mobile and dynamic context)
    1. Mauro's project: how people infer meaning which is not in the message thanks to spatial information.
    2. CatchBob: how location awareness information impacts mutual modeling in collaboration

It would be great to be innovative in the way I present the roadmap part with a well-designed figure that could summarize our framework. People shoudl grasp our research quickly. Besides, I have a still a program in legitimating why we switch from virtual environment to mobile computing, in terms of consistency (compared to the previous studies that occured in a MOO and a 3D game).