[Locative Media] Conqwest: urban mobile game


More than a hundred players and phones, 5-meter tall giant inflatable animals designed by an artist in the UK, $5000 prizes, semacodes nodes on billboards, on buses, and on a taxi navigating the streets.

It's an urban mobile treasure hunt, with 5 teams from local high schools racing to be the first to find $5000 in treasure - and win the money to keep it for their school. event team mountain lion moves out

Teams had to first capture one of many zones by carrying a 5 meter high animal totem (cougar, lion, eagle...) for their team into the zone base. Once there, they checked in and out with semacode nodes. If two teams vyed for control of a zone, they battled it out with a bidding war: the winner got the zone and the loser got their money.

The game was played in Minneapolis; Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Phoenix will follow.