[Locative Media] The added value of pointing: geovector

It's good to see enbodiment in computer science. Relying on deictic acts is an interesting way to interact with objects. This is the point of geovector. They havedeveloped "a number of applications that show the potential and actual benefits of pointing in real world situations." Among all the applications (there is of course a "point of buy" app but I am not really fan of it), the "Real Doom" seems pretty cool (even though it reminds me the ARQuake but with less augmented reality spin). The features of this Real Doom are:

  • Using positioning to allow the user to move around and the heading sensor to point their weapon
  • Real Doom turns the real world into a gaming environment. Any location can be turned into a gaming area. Easily create game maps with your friends or go online and download the latest map for your location.
  • With communications via CDMA, GPRS or WiFi Real Doom is multi-playable, with the ability to play against other real world competitors or even play against console or pc opponents!
  • As Doom created the FPS genre, Real Doom is creating the Real Gaming genre. Soon we will see other exciting 3D titles for the Real World.