[Prospective] Closer to Johnny Mnemonic Jones' than ever

In Johnny Mnemonic (William Gibson's short story, shot in a movie by Robert Longo, with a pre-matrix Keanu Reeves) there was this nice dolphin called Jones:

He was more than a dolphin, but from another dolphin's point of view he might have seemed like something less. I watched him swirling sluggishly in his galvanized tank. Water stopped over the side, wetting my shoes. He was surplus from the last war. A cyborg.

We are close to that, with this amazing news:

A University of Florida scientist has created a living "brain" of cultured rat cells that now controls an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator.

Scientists say the research could lead to tiny, brain-controlled prosthetic devices and unmanned airplanes flown by living computers.

And if scientists can decipher the ground rules of how such neural networks function, the research also may result in novel computing systems that could tackle dangerous search-and-rescue jobs and perform bomb damage assessment without endangering humans.