[Locative Media] New Vodafone's receiver Issue

The new issue of Vodafone's Receiver has been released. Content:

  • Erkki Huhtamo: Hidden histories of mobile media
  • Tim Clark: Mobile communications and the wireless internet – the Japanese experience
  • Amparo Lasen: Affective technologies – emotions and mobile phones
  • Mike Butcher: Rewind -fast forward-play – mobile Napsterisation
  • Barry Wellman: The mobile-ized society – communication modes and social networks
  • Drew Hemment: The telephone exchange
  • Adam Greenfield: Along the fault lines – designing for deception, dishonesty, and other happy facts of human nature
  • Cory Doctorow: Eastern Standard Tribe – a story about love, death and cellular telephony
  • John Chasey: The future of mobile gaming – multiplayer games