[Research] HCI forgets about psychology

Interesting post by Rashmi about this fact: new ideas from psychology are hardly reaching HCI.

A few decades ago, there was a rapid influx of new ideas from psychology into HCI. (...) Its like the HCI psychology folk have collective amnesia for research in the 10-15 years (...) Psychology has evolved dramatically in the last decade or so. One of the exciting directions has been the how biological the field is becoming. Ten years ago, there was no field of Social Neuroscience (defined as the study of brain systems involved in social interaction) (...) I predict (and hope) that in less than ten years there will be a field of neurodesign.

Neurodesign... well let's see. IT's true that since I left cognitive science (with hardcore neuro stuff), I did not think a lot about how it could be incorporated into HCI. One of the reason for this is the fact that it's already difficult to put together psychology, linguistics, design and ergonomics, mixed with ethnography and other methods...