[LifeHack] text editor for mac .txt addicts

Super recap about all the most important text editor. I also strongly believe in .txt files (I still have 10 years old txt file somewhere on my hard drive). On the Mac, I use subethaedit

Look, I'm only writing this for one reason: I want to know if there are lots of other people out there who are like me. Text editor addicts. (...) This is how I work, too. My todo files are good old plain text files, which I make a point of keeping well edited and up to date. As Danny said, there's nothing simpler than cut and paste. (...) My central file, the most important one, is todo.work.txt. Almost everything related to my current work is in there in some form or another. I have to be able to edit it a dozen or more times a day, and I have to do so quickly and without any fuss. (...) Some of the things I use a text editor for:
  1. Writing letters
  2. Making shopping lists
  3. Storing electronic invoices and receipts
  4. Managing lists of things (to read, to visit, to remember, to make)
  5. Editing files and templates for web sites
  6. Writing articles
  7. Pretending to write novels and works of fiction (none of which ever get finished)
  8. Writing my resume
  9. Writing a personal diary
  10. Composing posts for weblogs and mailing lists
  11. Writing, and storing, drafts for all of the above
  12. Keeping my todo.work.txt file up to date