[Research] A new lab we should keep an eye on

Rochester Institute of Technology's Lab for Social Computing is a new lab that seems promising. They already set up a wiki with links on private lab andacademics working in the field. Their PR is nicely done since I saw many posts in my aggregator talking about it :)

Cyberinfrastructure has been defined by the NSF as a tool for building digital environments that support collaboration and interaction among people, data, information, and tools. Social computing is an emerging cross-disciplinary field focused on the use of computing tools to facilitate these social and collaborative interactions. It is concerned with the development, deployment, and assessment of tools ranging from e-mail and IM to weblogs, wikis, and collaborative information management systems.

Research activities in the Lab for Social Computing will focus on the development of new collaborative tools for use in research, education, and industry, as well as on the adaptation, use, and effects of collaboration and communication tools in these contexts.