A method to collect mobile phone data

A confidential french seminar about mobile and ubiquitous technology dealt with methods to collect cell phone use. I was not there but my radar pointed me on the slides. Rachel Demumieux and Patrick Losquin from France Telecom presented ACIDU (Application de Collecte des Informations des Usages). They say that Orange gives them access to various data like number of SMS/MMS/downloads... But nothing about the use of features (address book, folders, agenda, settings...). This is the reason why they used a symbian client running on the phone that allows them to keep track of various indexes. The presentation of the result is a bit frustrating since they did not elaborate that much on them :( Here are the quantitative results about the usage of the phone feature: Why do I blog this? I'm into mobile computing analysis; this study is worth in terms of the methodology they adopted to gather information on the client (i.e. installing a piece of software that sniff what's happening when the user interacts with his/her phone). I am a bit disappointed by the fact that I certainly miss information here (the last slides are not enough informative in terms of results decription) but it seems promising!