For Rez fans

Rez is one of those fabulous video games with a nice design. It has been created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. His blog is for japanese fluent geeks. Anyway, there is an interview of him by Tokyopia which is cool to read.

TOKYOPIA: Ok. Meteos. You are making a game with Sakurai-san, the designer of Kirby among other games. How did this collaboration come about? MIZUGUCHI: When I left SEGA, he left HAL laboratory at almost the same time. At the time, we had dinner; lunch, tea. We discussed future games on PSP, Nintendo DS, and the new mobile types of games. I really love 24. It is a real time drama. I watched that drama, and I felt the human brain changing from single task to multitask. In Japan, some young couples have dates and talk via email on mobile phones. So everyone can do the same things, many things, at the same time. You know what I mean?

TOKYOPIA: Yeah, especially in Japan, with Keitai (mobile phones) you are always connected. MIZUGUCHI: Well some people are playing games with chat. [From] that kind of feeling, I wanted to design a new type of game. In Meteos, using the touch pen, you have to do many many things. Like Tetris or even Lumines, [they] exist as a [standard] puzzle game. I don’t know why, but they have one block falling down and then the next block falling down. But Meteos has many many blocks falling at the same time. That concept, I told it to [Sakurai-san], and he took further with the touch pen. [Connecting the blocks and shooting them in the air]. The launch, kinda like a space shuttle. I heard that concept and [thought] “Wow. That is new. Simple, but new.” So we got very excited, [and said] “Let’s make the prototype.” When we were done and finished [with] the prototype, [it] was so fun.

Why do I blog this? I'm eager to see how game designers will more forward in the field of mobile gaming.