February blog about location-based annotation

Just put this blog called geoloq.us into my aggregator, the author has a nice take about location-based annotation (which is btw the topic of his blog).

We’re slowly getting an overview of locative media and spatial annotation projects, both ongoing and archived. Many of the same ideas pop up in different forms, especially the concept of augmenting one’s experience in a place through the knowledge of others. (...) The bad news is that there’s so little interesting content, so few people actively using it and so little that can be done with most of the service. Yes, it’s cool to create secret names for locations public and private but what can locative media/spatial annotation services provide that is of such great pleasure/utility that folks will fill it up with content? (...) So, are we just building toys for ourselves? I believe so, at this stage. And that’s OK, it seems it always starts this way.

Why do I blog this? there is indeed a burst recently about this type of project (see future now here and here) and we have (here at craft, at PLAN, on blogs...) interesting discussion about how to engage users in using them. It is very hard to go beyond the geo-post-it note scenario. Even though there are nice modification like in tejp (audio tags whisper to by-passers leaning towards a wall) or Urban Tapestries that actually worked pretty well.