Paul Baron\'s add on to my OPAN PLAN notes

Here is a small add on Paul Baron sent me, about my OPAN PLAN notes. Unfortunately, my spam guardian did not accept it... The point is that Paul wanted to share some of the experience that he had with Mogi. Thanks Paul!

About what steve benford mentioned (interweaving physical and digital interaction): 1- Mogi was also supposed to foster a collaboration between the online players who could see the whole country in high res at any time and the street players who might miss a rare object just cos they were a little far from it (more than 1km) and it would not appear on their screen. In practice, it only really happened to me once or twice, and it was the creator of the game pingging me to let me know about an object there.

About Mathew chalmers (uni glasgow): geolocation tech limit 2- In the Mogi game, you can at any time switch from celltower signal to real GPS. Players would take advantage of this in a few different ways. First of all, refreshing your position non stop in GPS when you are not moving, will usually find you at the exact same position. However, doing that with CellTower triangulation, would usually yield fluctuating results that might in some cases make you appear closer to an object that you initially were and therefore let you pick it up if you happened to be suddenly "moved" to less than 400m from it when originally the GPS was showing you at for example 450mtrs.