Microsoft Research China\'s take on Innovation Management

Microsoft's Hong-Jiang Zhang: The Process of Product Innovation in ACM's weekly newsfeed <a href="".

UBIQUITY: And what are your biggest challenges?

ZHANG: I think number one is simply that it's never been easy to transfer research innovation into product, so that's really been a challenge. Researchers tend not to think about actual products, and when their solutions are 90 percent accurate and complete, they tend to think that's good enough, and they consider that the problem's essentially solved. But if you're working on actual products you can't say that 90 percent is good enough and just move to something else. (...)

UBIQUITY: What are the backgrounds of those people?

ZHANG: Mostly computer science related. (...)

UBIQUITY: No marketing people in the group?

ZHANG: No, we're not doing marketing, but we do have a couple of people doing market research just to try to predict technology and market trends, but we don't do marketing as such because we're not doing end-product release. Our work goes into Windows, Office, and other products, such as MSN and Media Center, all those things. The whole range of Microsoft software. We do have a few projects focused on local users here in Asia, but mainly we are focused on global users,

Vow nobody coming from market research or social sciences there? They had not been caught in the "end-user focus" momentum. Of course they say that they don't do end-product release but they claim that they want to transfer research innovation into product. I am lost/confused.