Nokia\'s next move: audio games

Gamasutra summary of a GDC (Game Design Conference) topic: GDC Mobile: Novel Ways to Use Audio in Games. Some excerpts:

Audio often gets the short end of the stick during the mobile game development cycle, but researchers at Nokia are looking at ways to start from music and audio to create compelling mobile game content. Jukka Holm, of the Music Technologies Group at the Multimedia Technologies Laboratory at Finland's Nokia Research Center, presented examples of how game designers could use music as the starting point for video game content creation. (...) usic-controlled games. Now that modern handsets have the power to spare, they can analyze music and audio data. (...) The last part of Holm's presentation presented the idea of Shared Sound Worlds. Rather than treat each player as part of a single sound stage or as two distinct sound stages, components are shared between the individual handsets in a single world of sound data. In an example showing a volleyball game involving four people with individual handsets, the volume on each handset reflects the individual's player from the ball while the pitch reflects the altitude of the ball. For the player who is closest to the ball, he must "hit" the ball back up when it is within a range of pitch. (...) Holm said after the talk, and developers will soon have the tools to bring these more novel ideas into the marketplace, but it's clear that some intriguing research is going into the hitherto largely unexplored ideas for mobile audio.

3 games to check : Bug Man, CDEFGABC, AudioAsteroids. Why do I blog this? I always thought turning to audio is a good move to create innovative game design on mobile devices. The added value might be in using all the features of the device and audio is a powerful component to support various process: awareness of others, game control, game feedback...