CatchBob! analysis: division of labor

I wrote a script to parse the CatchBob! logfiles. It allowed me to get interesting indexes with regard to the collaborative behavior of the players. CatchBob is a treasure hunt; thus it's a spatial task in which participants have to collaborate to do the shortest path to the object (that's what they are required to do during the experiments we conducted). That means that the division of labor concerns the way they spread over the campus and how they explore it thanks to the proximity sensor of their tool. What I would like to express here is that an index of the division of labor among the group would be the number of "zones" explored by each player. I divided the campus in a certain nuber zones that correspond to squares (20meters since it's the accuracy of our positioning device). My script gives me this and other interesting stuff:

  • the number of squares explored by each player
  • the percentage of squares explored by each player (not so useful)
  • the number of backchannel for each player: the number of square explored more than 1 time by a player
  • the path overlap between A, B an C: the number of square explored by 2 or 3 players (for each player).