Mobile Music Technology: 2nd international workshop

There is a smart workshop about Mobile Music Technologorganized by the great Future Application Lab in association with NIME 2005 in Vancouver, May 25. The organizer are Lalya Gaye (Hi lalya!) and Lars Erik Holmquist + Atau Tanaka (great musician!).

In the late 1970's, the Walkman liberated recorded music - it allowed you to carry the listening room with you. Today, iPods and mobile phones allow new forms of private and social music experiences. What are the trends in mobile music technology? What kinds of new modes of musical interaction are becoming possible? Will peer-to-peer sharing and portable MP3 players destroy the music business - or will new technology let artists reach more people than ever before?

The programme will consist of presentations, interactive posters and hands-on break-out sessions. Accepted papers and interactive posters include:

* Papers: - "From Calling a Cloud to Finding the Missing Track: Artistice Approaches to Mobile Music" by Frauke Behrendt - "Location 33: A Mobile Musical" by William Carter and Leslie S. Liu - "The New Cosmopolites: Activating the Role of Mobile Music Listeners" by Gideon D'Arcangelo

* Interactive Posters: - "Solarcoustics: CONNECT" by Morgan Barnard - "Experimental Design for the Musicology Mobile Music Player" by Trevor Pering - "Mobile User Interface for Music" by Takuya Yamauchi and Toru Iwatake

The number of participants is strictly limited. To register, please FIRST contact Lalya Gaye, to confirm there is space. After your participation has been confirmed use the main NIME registration page to register and pay: