Phd report

Stuff to dig for the phd:

  • move forward with catchbob! try another few experiments with other interfaces (asynchronous awareness tool, self-declared positioning, no position at all)
  • from those experiments, pick up 2-3 variables to have a more precise (less exploratory) experiment; it's better if we have a more complex task, higher problem solving and more cognitively demand
  • replicating our experiments in this more complexe environment is a good way to get ride of classical critiques like "your results are bound to a specific task/environment".
  • computer model fro catchbob! try to investigate the old AI "belief system": it provides an interesting mathematical formalism to describe beliefs (like "I believe that my CatchBob partner is at that location" with a probability of 0.9). It may be of interest to model relation between perceived space and physical/real space