Glume: a translucent modeling medium

Glume is a cool project carried ou at MIT Tangible Media Group:
Glume is a computationally enhanced translucent modeling medium which offers a generalized modular scalable platform with the physical immediacy of a soft and malleable tangible material.

The Glume system consists of soft and translucent augmented interlocking modules, each embedded with a full spectrum LED, which communicate capacitively to their neighbors to determine a network topology and are responsive to human touch.

Glume as a viable tool for modeling, visualization and simulation of three dimensional data sets in which users construct and manipulate models whose morphology is determined through the distributed system. The Glume system provides a new and novel means for expression and investigation of organic forms and processes not possible with existing materials by relaxing the rigidity of structure in previous solid building block approaches

Why do I blog this? from an aestetical point of view I like glowing artefacts; besides, from an interaction design POV, this project propose a cool tangible interaction mode.