Use duck density to gauge 'prowess and brilliance'

A new index for fans of city ratings (here, at fab's place or for chris): the density of ducks:

York University has topped a table which gauges 'prowess and brilliance' by the amount of ducks on campus. Oxford and Cambridge do not even figure in the latest poll of duck density, reports The Guardian. York's out-of-town campus has a 50,000 square metre lake, or 49.5 roods, which the duck anoraks prefer to use in their calculations. York's density of 11.6 ducks per rood (roughly 1,011 square metres) is approached only by Loughborough with 8.5, according to the survey's website, Both Warwick and Leeds have made impressive progress over the past year. Hannah Love, spokeswoman for Leeds University where a formal pond in the Chancellor's Court has helped increase duck density to 7.0, said: "It's good to see our waterfowl recognised in the updated duck density table. "This year's new brood are enjoying the attention from staff and students. "We're keeping an eye on them and hope they enjoy their time at Leeds before flying off into the big wide world." Duck Density's organisers, originally from York university, promote the table as "the ultimate mark of a university's prowess and brilliance."

It sounds good, update your indexes! Update: and check duckdensity!