Soccer realtime coverage on your cell phone with playing vatars

Interesting product by betomorrow: now you can use LiveFoot to get a real-ime coverage of a soccer game. LiveFoot is available on Wap, J2ME and Microsoft Smartphone formats: According to the society:

LiveFoot is a complete soccer information service. It allows presentation at all times of information on games, teams, players and statistics. Thanks to a very innovating technology, LIVEFOOT allows to follow, in real time, the highlights of a football match over a mobile device. Along with the reconstruction of the actions, a spoken or written commentary is supplied by a journalist.

  • The specific system developed by Symah Vision, Epsis LOCATOR, assesses in real time the position of the players as well as the ball. Moreover, it offers in-depth information such as the speed of the ball or the distance to the goal.
  • BeTomorrow developed a cutting-edge process to integrate the data in a real time environment. Thanks to this solution using very little bandwidth, LIVEFOOT offers an operational alternative to video on mobile devices.

There is also LiveSailing dedicated to live reggattas broadcasting. Why do I blog this? It do think it's an innovative applications: now you can have a "real-time replay" of a soccer game on your cell phone, played with avatars. It's dead crazy! Even though it's not working for the whole game (just highlights), there is an tremendous paradigm shift here: real players will play and some users will watch avatars! The LiveFoot system seems a but outdated, don't know if it was thrown to the market and I'm not sure whether it would work, it just sounds curious.