Nintendo DS brain training

I forgot to talk about this: DS Brain Training for Adults (non-) game impressions. It's actually a review of a Brain Training program for the Nintendo DS posted on the Gaming-Age Forums. Here is the review as done by a a forumer called Jonnyram:

It's based on a book with a similar title, written by Professor Ryuuta Kawashima. The book is designed to invigorate adults' brains, to sharpen you up.

You start by rotating the DS - there are settings for left- and right-handed people, and you hold it like a book, with the screens representing the right and left pages. The static screen displays questions and you write/draw your answers on the touch screen. There are some parts that require you to speak the answers too.

The (non-)game includes a calendar, and you can put a stamp on the calendar when you complete some training that day. You start off with three different types of training. 20 sums, 100 sums and reading aloud. As you play the (non-)game more, new training exercises will open, including syllable counting, people counting, and others I have yet to unlock. There are smaller bonuses, like being able to edit the stamp you use on the calendar, and things like that too.

You can also test your brain's age once a day. To do this, you are subjected to 3 random tests which differ from the exercises above. Everyday (at least so far), you'll start off with a test where you have to read the colours of words aloud. Say you have "black" and it's displayed in red, you have to say "red". There are four different colours. Another couple of tests and the software determines the age of your brain today, based on speed and accuracy of your responses.

Of course it's in japanese and I don't think it will be shiped to Europe/US but anyway... It actually makes me think about Scientific Brain Training (SBT), a french company that " fuses the latest developments in cognitive sciences, educational sciences and technology to develop a line of truly innovative products, programs and services that entertain, test and train the mental abilities-anytime anywhere.". (One of their product is happy neuron, a "Web-based mental fitness program and educational resource.").